Introduction and history of the association​

APAVT - Associação Portuguesa das Agências de Viagens e Turismo (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) is the oldest association of its kind in Portugal and is representative of national tourism:

Full Members: National Travel Agencies;

Allied Members: other companies related to the tourism sector such as foreign travel agencies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, rent-a-car, official tourism bodies, campsites and road transport, among others.

APAVT was founded on May 30, 1950 by a group of travel agents who felt that, by forming an association, they could better defend the rights and interests of their sector.

Over the last seventy-three years, the Association has played a fundamental role in the development of national tourism, promoting the debate of ideas among its members, presenting proposals at all levels, anticipating market changes and preparing the sector for the challenges it faces. Given the pivotal position of travel agencies, which are the main link between the tourist offer and consumers, APAVT's action often goes beyond the scope of this class, making a decisive contribution to tourism as a whole.

As proof of APAVT's importance in the development of the sector, the Secretary of State for Tourism awarded it the Tourist Merit Medal in the Gold category, by order of September 30, 1982, published in DR Nº 262 - II SERIES of 1982.

APAVT was initially founded as a Guild and became an Association after 1974.

APAVT's head office is in Lisbon, at Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, nº 170, 1º, 1169-120 in Lisbon.

The association's organizational structure

The Association's bodies are the General Assembly, the Fiscal Board and the Board of Directors:


Rui Pinto Lopes
(Pinto Lopes Viagens, SA) - Porto

Vice - President
Vânia Filipa Pereira dos Santos
(Club AF Santos Turismo) - Guimarães

First Secretary
Jorge Humberto
(Escolher Destinos - Viagens e Turismo, Lda) - Lisboa

Second Secretary
Catarina Cymbron
(Melo – Agência de Viagens Melo, Lda ) - Ponta Delgada


Frédèric Antoine Frére
(Travelstore - Prest. Serv e Viagens, SA) - Lisboa

Effective Member​

Maria Isabel Martins 
(PTEAM Agaxtur Europa, SA) - Lisboa

Effective Member​
João Carlos Correia
(TIME4TRAVEL)  - Cascais

Substitute Member
Luís Filipe Pedrosa Santos Lourenço
(Lusanova - Excursões e Turismo, Lda)- Lisboa


Pedro Costa Ferreira
(Lounge – Agência de Viagens e Turismo, Lda.) - Lisboa

Carlos Benzinho Baptista
( Gecontur - Gestão e Consultoria em Turismo, SA ) - Lisboa

Raquel Cristina Couto Oliveira
(Destination Travel Solutions, Lda) - Faro

Duarte Manuel Góis Correia
(World 2 Meet, Lda) - Albufeira

Director of Treasure
Vanda Rute Espada Pina Batista
(Travel 2000 - Agência Viagens Unipessoal, Lda) - Barreiro

Joana Silveira Godinho de Matos
(Wide Travel - Viagens e Turismo, Lda) - Lisboa

Maria de Fátima Pinto da Silva
(Viagens Expansão - V. Eventos Corporativos, Lda) - Lisboa

Substitute ​
Paula Antunes
(Compasso - Incentivos e Turismo, LDA ) - Cascais 

Substitute ​
André da Silva Gabriel
(Tejus - Viagens, Eventos e Turismo) - Torres Novas


Regional Delegate in the Açores
Catarina Cymbron
(Melo - Agência de Viagens Melo, Lda.) - Ponta Delgada

Regional Delegate in the Algarve
Eduardo Caetano
(Portimar - Agência de Viagens e Turismo Lda) - Portimão

Regional Delegate in the Center​
Vitor Osório
(Beta - Viagens e Turismo Lda)- Coimbra

Regional Delegate in the Madeira
Gabriel Gonçalves
(Mediterranean Travel Services , Incoming Portugal, SA) - Funchal

Regional Delegate in the North
António Alves
(Saftur - Viagens e Turismo, LDA)- Famalicão

Main services provided by APAVT

Legal advice: We provide legal support, particularly in employment, tax and professional matters. 

Conflict mediation: We are available to provide impartial and professional support in resolving disagreements between members and between members and third parties. 

Customer Ombudsman for Travel and Tourism Agencies: This is an exclusive service for our members, who offer their clients guaranteed access to the Customer Ombudsman, a body that mediates consumer disputes. The Travel Agency Customer Ombudsman, which enables any conflicts or complaints between members and their customers to be resolved more quickly, as well as the possibility of awarding immediate compensation, contributes to greater transparency and credibility for our agencies. 

"Checked By DECO": This certification, also exclusive to our members, assesses the commercial practices of companies, in their stores and digital channels, for greater protection of consumer rights and a more transparent and secure/trustworthy market. With the "Checked by DECO" seal, our agencies offer greater security to customers. 

GDPR and PCI DSS: Our members have more advantageous conditions to help their companies achieve compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the same with the standards and requirements of the PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Annual Congress: Considered by most of the sector to be the main forums for national tourism debate, APAVT's Annual Congresses usually bring together hundreds of professionals from the most diverse sectors of tourism activity. 

Sustainability: We offer our members free advice on adopting sustainability practices in their companies, as well as access to more advantageous conditions for a Travelife sustainability certification, recognized worldwide. 

Technical Seminars and Roadshows: We organize and promote technical seminars with the frequency and subject matter that seem relevant at any given time, using speakers of recognized competence. Some examples: Sustainability, labor and tax legislation, GDPR, among others. 

Studies: We promote, develop and make available to our members studies that are relevant to the business, enabling them to learn about and better adapt to the constant changes in the market. One example is the study on "The economic value of tourism distribution in Portugal", carried out by EY Parthenon at our request. 

Chapters: As an association that includes all types of travel agencies, we have organized sectoral Chapters, which function as working groups designed to promote the discussion of issues exclusively related to each sub-activity, from which advice for the board emanates. There are currently the Distribution Chapter, the Operators Chapter, the Air Chapter and the Incoming and DMCs Chapter. 

Communication: Through circulars, newsletters, website and social networks, at meetings, seminars and events, both inside and outside our headquarters, we focus on contact with and between all our members. 

Trade fairs and events: We offer our members the chance to take part in tourism fairs, such as BTL, under very competitive conditions. 

Partnerships and Agreements: We develop partnerships and agreements with organizations and companies that ensure our members have better access to products and services. Insurance, Rent-a-Car, banking, universities, vocational training schools, among many others. 

Clube +APAVT: A portal that opens doors to a world of discounts and advantages in the most varied categories of products and services, accessible exclusively to employees of member companies. More information here 

Activities and Sports Meetings: For members, partners and friends, we organize activities and sports meetings that are always excellent opportunities for socializing and networking, such as the Padel Tournament.


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