APAVT is committed to promoting sustainability, both internally and among its members, and to encouraging responsible tourism practices

We believe in the active involvement of our members in our mission to prioritize environmental conservation, social responsibility, and the engagement of the tourism industry as a whole. Through education, collaboration, and action, we seek to empower our members to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and promote sustainability for travelers. Together, we will be able to create positive impacts on the environment, communities, and local cultures.

APAVT Policies (in PT)

Manual Sustentabilidade 2024  PDF

Plano de Ação Climática  PDF

APAVT Congress

Read here the guidelines regarding our congress (in PT)

Compromisso com a Sustentabilidade PDF

We contribute to the training of tour guides in sustainability.

Together with Travelife, we have established MoUs with SNATTI, AGIC, AGITA, AGIA, and AGIGARVE to train and certify tour guides in sustainability in Portugal. To learn more, contact us via the email

We are signatories of the Glasgow Declaration for Tourism Climate Action

Our Association is part of the group of organizations responsible for launching the 'Glasgow Declaration for Tourism Climate Action,' which is pivotal in our sector's action regarding climate change

Measuring, decarbonizing, regenerating, collaborating, ensuring resources are some of the measures we advocate to achieve Net Zero emissions as quickly as possible, by 2050.


We were part of the sustainability project SUSTOUR.

APAVT, alongside ECTAA, ECEAT, FUTOURIS, ANVR, SMAL, and UHPA, was a partner in the SUSTOUR project, co-financed by the COSME program of the European Union, aimed at promoting the sustainability of European Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. Through this project, we have managed to initiate the sustainability certification process TRAVELIFE in more than 60 Portuguese travel agencies. Find out more HERE.


We support the training and certification efforts in sustainability of our members.

Through an agreement with Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents that allows our members to enjoy certain benefits. To learn more, contact us via the email